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Managing Director / Video Guru



About Minimatt Films

An affordable, professional production team dedicated to get your message across in a digital moving image production.


Minimatt Films was founded in 2013 by Andy Watson. The goal: To bring professional cinematic high end production to suit every corporate, semi-professional , college or personal project. Whether your goal is to produce a health and safety video for your workers, to the YouTuber who would like a low-budget film produced, we have the skills, knowledge and the dedication to meet your needs.


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Our Team

Paul Walker

Video Guru / Editor Extraordinaire



Associated Clients

Geek Talk


If you are interested in our knowledge and skill set, here is a list.

  • Canon DV & AVCHD Camcorders
  • Canon DSLR Camcorders
  • Sony DSR DV Range Camcorders
  • Sony HDV
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Including AE, PR, PS & IL)
  • Sony Vegas
  • 3D Studio Max

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